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KCCS has various computer and router hardware at several locations in New Zealand, The main location is in Auckland with other major sites at Tauranga and Blenheim.
Currently the network in Auckland is split between three locations, at Titirangi in West Auckland, Queen Street in the Auckland CBD, and Newmarket.
Up until mid 2000 the main site was at Titirangi. During September and October 2000 most of the equipment at Titirangi has moved to new KC offices in Queen Street, Auckland.

Lvl7, 109 Queen Street, Auckland

This the main Auckland KCCS site It is where Telecom ATM and Clear ATM nodes are located as well as PRI and stacked wideband DDS.
KC's core routers, two Cisco 7507s are located here with two Cisco secondary routers, a Cisco 4700 and a 3640. There is also a Cisco 5505 ethernet switch and a Cisco 5000 switch used by a network of telehoused servers.
This network currently consists of about thirty customer owned telehoused computers.
Transparent web cache is provided by two Pentium 3 systems running FreeBSD OS and Squid with WCCP.
All system processing is handled by a Sun Ultra1 computer, an AXIL 320, a Sun SS20, and two Sun SS5-110 computers. plus a Pentium2-400 PC. These provide all web hosting services, ftp and login management.

The router and server hardware configuration is designed to provide a high level of redundancy and therefore minimise downtime and loss of service in the event that a data link or hardware component fails. This is why there are two Cisco 7507 routers and two WCCP cache servers. Each 7507 connects one ATM circuit (one from Telecom, one from Clear) and each router is pre-configured to allow stacked wideband DDS, PRI and other network connections to be exchanged between these routers. International and domestic internet connections are also shared between these routers.

In February 2001 a 48VDC power system was installed, this provides a 48V power supply for all of the Cisco equipment and using a sine-wave inverter 110VAC power to several PC systems - the two WCCP cache servers and secondary dns server.
This power system includes 120Ah (amp/hour) of backup batteries in case of line brownouts or blackouts.

Equipment details are:

  • A Sun Ultra Sparc 170E (170Ultra Sparc) with 18Gb of disk space, fast 100MB ethernet, wide fast scsi disk interface and 256megs of memory running Solaris 2.7 operating System.
    This system is kcbbs.gen.nz (
    It manages uucp connections, dns services (ns1.kc.net.nz), email, tacacs database, and is the KC World Wide Web host (for KC's web site, not hosted or customer sites).
    This system will be replaced April 2001 with a Sun Netra 1120 system

  • A Pentium II 400Mhz PC system with 13Gbytes of disk storage, fast 100MB ethernet, and 256megs of memory is the KCCS news server. This is news.kcbbs.gen.nz (aliased to aklobs.org.nz) ( and provides nntp news feeds to about thirty downfeed sites IP connected to the KCCS network, as well as nntp online new reading for KCCS users and news batching for dial up uucp sites. News management software is INN.
    This system is also a secondary dns for the KC network.

  • PentiumIII 800Mhz PC system with 36Gb disk storage, 512M of memory.
    FreeBSD operating system and Squid cache program configured for Cisco WCCP cache protocol.
    This the first WCCP transparent cache system -

  • PentiumIII 866Mhz PC system with 36Gb disk storage, 512M of memory.
    FreeBSD operating system and Squid cache program configured for Cisco WCCP cache protocol.
    This the second WCCP transparent cache system -

  • Cisco 7507 router.
    This is a seven slot 7500 series chassis containing a Switch processor 4 (RSP4)
    Three VIP2-50 processors
    An eight port channelised E1 card, PA-MC-8E1/120
    A fibre fast ethernet card, a PA-FE-FX
    A dual port fast ethernet card, PA-2FEISL
    A 155Mbit single mode OC3 fibre ATM controller, PA-A3-OC3SMI
    An 8 port serial controller

  • Cisco 7507 router.
    This is a seven slot 7500 series chassis containing a Switch processor 2 (RSP2)
    Two VIP2-50 processors
    One CX-2CE1-120 processor
    A fibre fast ethernet card, a PA-FE-FX
    A dual port fast ethernet card, PA-2FEISL
    A 155Mbit multimode OC3 fibre ATM controller, PA-A3-OC3MM

  • A Cisco Catalyst 5505 ethernet switch. This is a 5slot 5500 series chassis containing a Superviser Engine 2 (WS-X5506), two 10/100Mbit auto sensing ethernet controllers (WS-X5213A), and a 12 port 100BaseFX multimode fibre controller (WS-X5111). These cards provide twenty-four 100baseTX and fourteen 100baseFX ports. Connected to this switch are the two Cisco 7507, 4700, and 3640 routers, and various server/admin computers. This switch is c5505.kcbbs.gen.nz (

  • A Cisco 4700M+ router
    This connects one Centrex Primary Rate ISDN and provides six 10baseT ethernet ports for routed connections to other networks, Planet, telehoused systems, etc..

  • A Cisco 3640
    E1 interfaces connecting two Centrex Primary Rate ISDN, and two MICA modem carrier card with 60 MICA modems.
    This router is KC's main dial-in modem server and provides connections to two customer dial up PRI. (

  • An Axil 320 system with 75Mhz Mbus cpu, 210megs of memory and 9 gigs of disk. This system is an FTP server for the KC network. It is ftp.kcbbs.gen.nz (

  • A Sun Sparc 5-110 system, mew.kcbbs.gen.nz for user Unix shell accounts (

  • A Sun Sparc 5-110 system, homepages.kcbbs.gen.nz for user and hosted web sites. (


    Auckland - Titirangi

    This was the main KCCS site until September 2000 when most of KCCS moved to the new KCCS offices in Queen Street.
    There are still several circuits terminated at Titirangi although these are eventually expected to be replaced with connections to the ATM nodes at KCCS.

    Equipment details are:

  • A Cisco Catalyst 5002 ethernet switch. This is a 2slot 5000 series chassis containing a Superviser Engine 1 (WS-X5006) and a 10/100Mbit auto sensing ethernet controller (WS-X5213A). These cards provide twelve 100baseTX and two 100baseFX ports. This switch manages the network on the KC network which is used for telehoused servers and several KC servers. This switch is c5002.kcbbs.gen.nz (

  • A Cisco 4700 router This is a three slot 4000 series router containing two ethernet ports, four G703 and four serial ports. This router connects several DDS and megalink circuits, and an ethernet connection to a radio datalink system. This router is c4700-1.kcbbs.gen.nz (

  • A Pentium 233mmx system running Linux is used to manage a WaveLan card that provides a radio link between the KCCS site in Titirangi and a customer site in Glen Eden.
    It is PL-Wavelan.kcbbs.gen.nz (

    kcbbs Sun Sparc 4 | UltraSparc 1-200E | UltraSparc 200E | Rack frames/modems/routers

    Auckland - Newmarket

  • Cisco 4500M router
    Located in the offices of KAON Technologies in Newmarket, Auckland. This router connects to KCCS at Titirangi via a Telecom Meglink (2meg circuit).
    The 4500 connects to two ethernet LANs one to KAON and the second to a PC that manages a WaveLan radio connection.

  • WaveLan PC system KC also has a WaveLan connection at this location. This is a 233mmx PC.
    A yagi antennae is mounted on the rear of the building. Several companies withing the Newmarket/Gt South Rd/ Manakau Road area connect via radio modem to this system.


  • At Tauranga there is a Cisco 5200 modem server/router with two sync wan ports and thirty-six V90 modems connecting to two Primary Rate ISDN. This 5200 also connects a 512k DDS link to KC in Auckland.
    A Sun Sparc 5 system provides all local services including usernet news.
    A PC system controlling a WaveLan connection to radio sites in Tauranga.
    This system connects to KC in Auckland via a 1meg frame relay link.


    A Pentium 133 system and a Sun Sparc 5 system provide internet services. A Cisco 5200 with 24 dial in V90 modems and connecting to KCCS in Auckland via a 512K frame relay link.

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