The KCCS hardware

The computers, routers and other unknown boxes that all together make up the existing 'hardware' part of KC are outlined here

Current hardware configuration

I don't think there has ever been a month in KC's existance when there has not been a big or small plan to change, upgrade, replace, or EXPAND some item or items of hardware.
It seems that just to keep up with the Internet and provide some sort of half decent service to users, whose expectations widen every day, that continual investment is an absolute necessity.
Anyway, you can catch up with what the latest plans are for KC's hardware in

Hardware Updates

KCCS evolved from hardware used over 10 years ago when the NZ Microcomputer Club's Unix Users Group and the Auckland Observatory online Information System were combined to form KAppa Crucis Bulletin Board System in late 1989.

Part of the story and how this monster evolved is in

Hardware Story

The details need to be filled out in may places and the sidebar stories that need to be told will be included sometime in the future.
Developments in 1996 and into 1997 will appear soon. Several images are also being processed now but finding decent pics of the KCbbs system at various points in its existance is an ongoing detective exercise (so many people who visited here always wanted to take a pic of the hardware - It was all those flashing LEDS on the stack of modems that attracted them!)

Some images of KCbbs :
1991 kcbbs/486-33 | 1987 kcbbs/IBM AT | UltraSparc 200E | Rack frames/modems/routers

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