KCCS Rack Frames


No sooner do I get a half decent pic of KC's rack frames and equipment than everything changes yet again. Empty shelves in the rhs frame were just cleaned and ready waiting on the newly arriving Cisco AS5200 modem server and the RAD T1/E1 switch that goes with the 5200. The lhs frame was also about to be rearranged to make room for a third CTL modem rack as the first two were filled with the addition of a few more modems.
As of today (10 September) there has been a major rearranging of the contents of both racks. Not that its an essential exercise but it is one of those 'keep you busy and important feeling' tasks that usually preceeds and provides the excuse for a night in with the lastest X files movies and the imbibing of some fine scotch or home made elderberry wine when smooth enough to drink without fear of it insisting on a speedy exit.

In left frame from top down is:
A Cisco 2511 with two 48K mdds ntus on top, two CTL modem frames with 20 modems (empty slots in lower frame), another Cisco 2511, A Shive MEZZA with two 48K mdds ntus on top, a 128K mdds router, a couple of PC computers;
In right frame from top down is:
a Cisco 2800 ethernet switch with 8 port hub immediately below it, Eight 48K/9K6 mdds ntus, A Cisoc 2522, A Cisco 4500 with Wideband dds ntu on top, a 48K ntu on top of a Hypercom router.


A closer view of the ethernet switch, A Cisco 2800 Cataylst, eight Telecom NTUs connected into a Cisco 2522 below the bottom two NTUs and a Telecom Stacked Wideband NTU on top of a Cisco 4500 router.

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