KCCS News Server

NOTE: This is NOT a public access news server

The KCCS news server is aklobs.org.nz, IP number, running INN 5.1 on an Axil Ultra 1 200E (200Mhz UltraSparc CPU).
This system has 17.4 gigs of disk space and 256megs of memory.
Solaris Disksuite version 1.1 is used to provide raid disk striping of news three of the four 4.3gig Seagate Barracuda drives.
It connects to KC's Cisco 2800 Ethernet switch via a fast 100Mbit ethernet port.

Access to this news server is restricted to users connected to the KCCS network.
There is no nntp access to other Class C networks outside of KCCS's Class C networks.
INN news manager software will only feed news to designated downfeed news servers and accept articles from them.

KC News Server

This image shows the Axil Ultra 200E beside a 4 bay disk cabinet and a Sun 17inch monitor. The disk cabinets hold two Seagate Barracuda drive, wide fast scsi types and a 1gig drive. Two more Barracudas with SCA connectors are internal drives in the 200E.

If you need to access this news server for any reason then please send Email to KCCS enquiries

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