The articles below are from various issues of the LoryLink newsletter published since early 2000, articles that have been contributed to other bird publications in New Zealand, and messages posted to parrot related mailing lists.
Most articles relate directly to Lories and Lorikeets although additional general articles about birds are included.

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Ants and Your Lorikeet
Are You Ready To Keep A Lorikeet
Black Winged Lories
Whiskered Lorikeet
Colloidal Silver
Feeding Ideas for Your New Lory
Flowers for Your Lorikeet
Hand Rearing Guide
Handrearing Recipe for Lories
Kea Grows Up
Lorikeet Language
Making Toys For Lories
Musk Lorikeets (1)
My Cage My Castle
My Lorikeet's Favourite Toys
Orphaned Wild Baby Birds
PBFD Guidelines
Rainbow Lorikeets are fun
Rainbow Lorikeet saga in New Zealand
Red Collared Lorikeets
Scalies in Aviculture
Short Flight To Freedom
Wet Mix Recipe (1)
Which One (Poem)
Why Should You Bother To Soak Seed
Yellow-bibbed Lory
Bee Pollen
Incubating Eggs
A Communal Aviary
Musk Lorikeets (2)
Crop problems with handrearing (part 1)
Lorikeet First Aid Kit
Making Yellow-bib Lories
Feather plucking
Problems making Lories

Flying Yellow-bibbed Lory

Freddie making an escape after nipping Boris the cat

Rainbow lorikeet

'hellogirl' hen Rainbow looking great.


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