Village Force Cinemas , Auckland

Renewable Energy KC's hardware is mostly powered by solar panels . Lots of info and images showing the KC setup plus links to suppliers both local and international.

Pinball Some images and info on the binball machines at KC and links to various pinball sites.

Bronica Medium format cameras.

Astronomy Telescopes, magazines, local interest and links to many interesting space related sites.

Home Theatre and Movies

B5 - The official Babylon 5 web site

50 greatest conspiracies of all time (now 60!)

ISP resources at MTI Web - a mine of info for ISPs and links to ISP related sites.

Scallywag political magazine

Good Earth organic restaurant in Auckland.

An image of comet Hale-Bopp showing what some have identified as a companion. Described as Saturn-like due to the protruding spikes (or is it a ring?) all sorts of explanations have been forthcoming, ranging from a UFO to a star to a broken fragmnet of the comets core.
See 60 greatest conspiracies above.

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