Renewable Energy

There are two useful usenet newsgroups that cover issues of renewable energy. These are and Both are fairly slow moving and tend to wander off topic but genuine enquiries always seem to bring forth reasonable and useful replies

The Solar Panels and Wind generator that power most of KCCS. (270k images)

The Battery Array and Control Systems that monitor KCCS's power. (130k images)

Mr Solar's Newsletter - although a collection of more USA applicable renewable energy related items it is still an interesting newsletter, and a link to his homepage FAQ

Homepower Magazine The magazine for home power applications

SOLAREX renewable energy products manufacturers of Photovoltaic panels and control systems

Ananda Power Technologies manufacturers of Renewable Energy Systems products.

Siemens energy products a large site but buried in there is info about their PV Panels and related products.

Bob-O-Schultze homepages

NZ Energy-Wise News magazine

BP Solar and BP Solar agents in NZ

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I know a man who has a device for converting solar energy into's called a farm.
David Stenhouse, Conservationist.

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