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This is KC Computer Services's World Wide Web site.
It was created in July 1996, well after most other New Zealand ISPs and companies already had a web presence.
Most pages were created by David Dix and the decision to have a web presence for KCCS was mostly driven by the increasing demands for information about KC via the web and from users and companies with accounts on KC wanting to host their home pages here.
It is also very convenient to point enquiries to the web pages instead of having to generate and send email. This suits the tendancy of DD to desire an easy life. Over the last 3 months the number of outgoing faxes has dropped by 70% and outgoing email concerning KC's services and prices by almost 100%. It is now common for enquirers to either already have web access or know someone who has so getting information from KCCS web pages is almost always possible.
God Bless the WWW.

All of the KCCS html and image pages are stored on an Axil Ultra 1-250, although most of the web development work took place on a Sun Sparc 4 110 system. The Axil Ultra took over from the Sun SS4 as the main KCCS server in January 1998.
The apache web server software is used, compiled for use under Solaris 5.1.1, the operating system running on the Axil Ultra. This system is kcbbs.gen.nz
The main tools used for its development were the vi editor (really!), xv for image manipulation and gimp for image editing. Several people assisted with scanning of images (Alan Marston and Richard Haakma) although not without some general moans and grumbles as the DOS scanner software is a real bitch to drive. Chris Miller created the wallpaper with the KCCS image logo. All photography is by David Dix and the equipment used was an Olympus OM3 with 28mm and 50mm lenses and a Bronica ETRSi with 50mm lens. A Metz SCA300 flash system did the lightup when needed.

Although this web site was initially intended to advertise KCCS services the new emphasis is to make it more general with some leaning towards technical issues and support for ISPs and other wanting to connect their systems to the Internet.

In line with KC's policy not to actively sell user accounts to new users or users that need ongoing support (because we do not operate a help desk!) this technical info is more about full time connections to the Internet rather than the dial up PPP type accounts that most individual users want.
There is already a whole mess of information from many other New Zealand ISPs for users wanting this type of connection.

Like most other web system authors I would be pleased to hear any suggestions or good ideas to provide additional services via this web site or indeed complaints about things not working properly. Please sign the guestbook feel free to email me by clicking on the "contact us" below.

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These pages designed and maintained by the KC webmaster. If you have any queries or comments about the KC World Wide Web pages or other services please contact us .

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