Routers and Installation

What is a router?

An expensive piece of hardware!
An essential piece of hardware for connecting a customer LAN to the Internet WAN.
Basically a computer that can provide a route between two networks. Usually a router will have a minimum of two network interfaces, one to connect to a LAN via an ethernet port and a serial interface to connect to a WAN.

When connecting to the Internet over a DDS link (one of the most common Internet connection scenarios) a router will interface to the DDS using some type of synchronous serial port. The NTUs (Network Terminator Units) provided by Telecom at each end of the DDS will have either an X21 or V35 synchronous serial interface.
Using the correct interface cable the NTU is connected to the router. Software in the router can be configured to identify the networks being routed and control the various interfaces.

Very often a router is the single most expensive item of hardware that a newly connecting site will have to purchase. In general the price of routers have not decreased significantly over the last two years, A modern fully optioned PC system is often less expensive than anything but the most basic models of router.

Routers have traditionally been provided by network specialists who will configure the router software for the customers application.

With the fast growth of the Internet and the increase in the number of people wanting full time Internet connections the need for routers has also increased. Many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) now offer to either provide pre-configured routers or include the router as part of the general setup in getting a customer site Internet connected.

KCCS can offer several levels of Internet installation service to customers:

  • Advise on the most cost effective and suitable router for a customer site
  • Assist in the setup and configuration of a customer supplied router for connection to the Internet
  • Provide a competitively priced router from a range of routers that are known to work cleanly and reliably on Internet connections.
  • Provide a complete service to a customer site including router purchase/configuration, link commissioning, setting up a computer as the main customer Internet hosts system, assisting with Email and News manager software, and setup of Domain Name Server software.

    Routers from KCCS

    KCCS can provide several different makes of router equipment. Currently we prefer to provide routers from Cisco, Shiva and Network Dynamics (now 3Net Securicor). We deal directly with the main distributors in New Zealand for these products and therefore get dealer pricing on all products. It is KCCS's policy to provide routers at the lowest price especially where those routers will be used to connect to KCCS. (Call Auckland 817-2905 or 025 503086 and get the current pricing on what routers are available, delivery times and most importantly price)
    Current stock and prices


    CISCO We are a Cisco dealer and carry a small stock of the more common routers for Internet connections. All Cisco equipment supplied by KCCS is at between 30% and 40% off recommended retail price. From time to time some items are on special pricing from Cisco and even lower prices apply.

    Althogh we can supply any item from the Cisco range of products the products most often supplied are:

  • Cisco 200 ISDN controller, PC card ISA bus with Cisco office manangement software.

  • Cisco 1003 ISDN router with IOS software on 2meg Flash memory card ethernet port and ISDN BRI port. Cisco IOS release 11 software.

  • Cisco 160x ISDN/Sync router with IOS software. 1601 has one X21 port and 1603 has one ISDN BRI port. Each has one expansion slot for either an X21 port ot ISDN BRI port. The 1603 cannot have a second ISDN port. Cisco IOS release 11 software.

  • Cisco 2503/2504 router, ethernet/token ring port, two high speed Sync serial ports, one ISDN BRI port, and Cisco IOS release 11 software.

  • Cisco 2522 router, ethernet port, ISDN BRI port, two high speed Sysnc serial ports, eight Sync/Async ports and Cisco IOS release 11 software

  • Cisco 2509/2511 access server, ethernet port, two Sync serial ports, 8/16 async ports

  • Cisco 4000 router and Cisco 4500 router, with Network Interface Modules (NIMs) for single and dual ethernet interface, two and four port high speed Sync serial ports, four and eight port BSI ISDN ports, Channelised E1 controller port and fast 100Mbit ethernet port.

  • Cisco 3620/3640 routers with all available network interface modules, single and dual ethernet with serial and isdn modules, fast ethernet, 16 and 32port async controllers, single and dual E1 balanced and unbalanced controllers and 4 and 8 port sync/async controllers.

    Cisco FAQ


    SHIVA We are also a dealer for Shiva (formerly Spider) router products and can supply Shiva product at excellent discount prices, especially when the router is used to connect to KCCS.

    The following products are available:

  • Shiva ATTO router with Ethernet port, sYNC x21 WAN port, ISDN BRI port, and SpiderIntegrator Version 5 software.

  • Shiva ATTO+ router with Ethernet port, Sync X21 WAN port, two ISDN BRI ports, and SpiderIntegrator Version 5 software.

  • Shiva MEZZA routers with Ethernet port and up to three plug-in network modules from: second Ethernet module , ISDN BRI port module, three X21 Serial port module, and nine X21 port Serial port module.

    For latest pricing and stock status/delivery schedule for any of the above products send Email to KCCS router sales

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