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Updated : 10 January 2001

New Ex-stock, immediate delivery , these are new open-box.

Qty ----------Item--------------------------------------        --NZ$---

(1) Cisco PA-A3-OC3SMI enhanced ATM controller for 7200        $15040+gst
    and 7500/VIP, 155Mbit OC3 Single mode fibre - intermediate
    reach (as required for Telecom NZ ATM)

(1) Cisco PA-A3-OC3MM enhanced ATM controller for 7200         $11840+gst
    and 7500/VIP, 155Mbit OC3 Multimode fibre

(1) Cisco 1603 ISDN router with expansion slot for
    X21 serial port, UTP+console port                           $2525+gst

(1) WIC-1T serial expansion card for 1600/2600/3600             $ 450+gst
    series routers 

(2) Cisco 1003 ISDN BRI+ethernet UTP+console port               $1880+gst
    with 2 meg Flash card IOS 11.0x, manuals, cables 
    AUI ethernet port, CD etc..
    NOTE: these are not the lower cost CiscoPro 1003 with
    control software on floppy disk, these are Enterprise
    product with software on Flash Ram PCMCIA card.

(1) Cisco 2503 ISDN BRI+two sync serial ports+aux port+         $3500+gst
    serial port, IOS 11.x, manuals, cables, CD etc.
    AUI ethernet port

(1) Intel 8100 Serial router 100baseTx ethernet and             $1810+gst
    V35 serial interface with cable

Second-hand, ex-stock, immediate delivery
Qty ----------Item--------------------------------------        --NZ$---

(1) 12port 10/100baseFX  Cat 5000 card WS-X5213A                $2500+gst

(2) 24port 10baseTX Cat 5000 card WS-X5003                      $1100+gst

(1) Cisco 4700M+ router                                         $4800+gst
    (router only no expansion/interface cards

(1) Cisco 1005 serial port X21/V35 router,2meg flash,           $1460+gst
    IOS 11.x   

(1) Cisco 2503 router, ISDN BRI port, ethernet AUI,
    IOS11.2x, 2 wan SYNC ports                                  $2800+gst

Cables Qty ----------Item-------------------------------------- --NZ$---

(8) Cisco V35 DTE cable  - 3 metres                             $ 88+gst
(1) Cisco X21 DTE cable  - 3 metres                             $112+gst
(1) Cisco X21 DCE cable  - 3 metres                             $127+gst

Other second-hand routers I am aware of are:
DEC Brouter 90T2 - email rl@hn.planet.gen.nz
All new routers carry manufacturers warranty. Full service support is available for Cisco routers at 12.5% of new price for 12 months (via Digital NZ))

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