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We hear every day how quickly the Internet is growing and changing in New Zealand and we have our share of doomsayers and loonie tunes all too quick to issue dire warning of the nets imminent collapse.
We also seem to suffer with more repetitive regularity the self appointed moral guardians issuing forth dictums on the immorality of the Internet. Usenet news groups become their target, spot a square inch of bare flesh and we can quarantee a tirade of hellfire and brimstone.
More recently it seems that its all the fault of New Zealand's Internet Service Providers. No, not the Xtras or IBMs, they are after all major companies so they must be OK.

Anyway, these web pages look a little more closely at some of these more current topics, excuse the flowery language, if you get easily offended then click on that Back button now.

Telecom The new 'Evil Empire' of the NZ Internet, unbelievable behaviour

ISPs responses to Telecom's disgraceful business ethics

ISPANZ ISPs band together to fight the Evil Empire

Clear open ISP business, motives no better than Telecom's.

ISOCNZ The NZ Internet Society

Never mind the quality feel the width, NZ ISPs performance

Foot in mouth, ever felt a bit silly?

Other issues and reports affecting the NZ Internet

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