The KC Computer Services Acceptable Use Policy

KC Computer Services Acceptable Use Policy

Billing The Personal Account billing period begins on the month payment is received.

Copyright KC Computer Services (KCCS) explicitly acknowledges Customer ownership of copyright on original Customer generated information, in accordance with International law.

Censorship and Open Mike Policy: KCCS supports Customer rights to free speech and will not limit or halt Customer transmission of data except under the extreme circumstances denoted in Account Suspension, and occurrences of libellous or harassing speech.

Term This agreement will become effective when the Customer first accesses any of KC Computer Services' systems. and shall remain in force until either KC Computer Services or Customer notifies the other by email or in writing of an intent to terminate the agreement. Prices do not include software. Any software that is provided by KC Computer Services to give access remains the property of the software's owners and the Customer is responsible for any fees or donations asked for by the software's owner(s). Payment to KC Computer Services must be in advance.

Applicable Parties: This agreement is made between KCCS and the Customer and is not transferable to any other party.

Applicable Law This agreement and the relationships between the parties shall be governed by the Laws of New Zealand.

Warranty KC Computer Services warrants that its communications software conforms to established telecommunications industry protocols, and will be compatible with most off-the-shelf consumer communications software. KC Computer Services disclaims any express or implied warranty with respect to the performance, capacity, merchantablity, or other compatibility issues of its hardware and software products and services.

Indemnification Customer assumes liability for and hereafter agrees to hold harmless KC Computer Services, its employees, agents, officers and directors from all claims for lost profits, punitive or other adjudicated damages, expenses, including reasonable attorney's fees, incurred during interoperation with any computer or network linked via Internet Protocol with KC Computer Services. The Supplier does NOT WARRANT that access will be without interruptions or errors.

Changes KC Computer Services reserves the right to change these terms and conditions by notifying Customer at least one month in advance of the date such changes become effective. KC Computer Services pledges to supply Internet Services, as specified in it's Service Statement form and subject to the provisos listed in this document and to act in good faith to the Customer.

Account Suspension In the event of Customer's failure to pay balances due in a timely manner, or of any breach of this agreement by Customer, KC Computer Services will notifiy Customer of pending suspension of connection privileges, after which, at KC Computer Services's discretion, the account will be locked, the data therein frozen, and incoming mail archived. Upon payment of 50% of the account type original setup fee, Customer's account will be reinstated. If after 60 days Customer has not made arrangements to conform to the terms of this agreement, Customer's data may, at KCCS's option, be purged.
Listed below are specific antisocial behaviors that are always prohibited while using KC Computer Services hardware or software. KCCS will render the final decision in any dispute regarding the appropriateness of any message sent using its hardware or software; Any physical evidence of the following activities may result in immediate account suspension without prior warning:

Download material which is illegal in New Zealand;
Upload material which is illegal in the country of destination;
Distribute copyrighted material without the permission of the author(s);
Violate import/export restrictions of any country when transferring materials;
Attempt or try to attempt to access other computers illegally or without permission;
Post commercial advertisements except in places specifically intended for that purpose;
Post any messages that contravene the Human Rights Act;
Ignore warnings from systems administrators that their actions contravene the KC Computer Services' Service Statement;
Carry out or attempt to carry out impersonation, misrepresentation of identity, forgery of mail or news headers, or other substitution of identifying marks, or the deliberate propagation of information known to be inaccurate or untrue for fraudulent or illegal purposes;
Sending signals or large amounts of data to KC Computer Services or to any other attached machine or service which causes a temporary or permanent stoppage of KCCS services or the remote machine or service;
Sending inappropriate messages or articles to any newsgroup, mailing list, or other public or private discussion forum;
Attempting to access, or accessing computer programs, files or records, network packets or other transmissions belonging to other users, or similar system resources not specifically assigned to Customer by KC Computer Services.

Customers shall: Follow the rules/guidelines outlined in this and other attached documents that relate to the particular service subscribed to and act in good faith to KC Computer Services.

SCHEDULE A: Assigned Resources
Dial In: One line per account at any time;
Execute:Any program with personal or world permissions;
Read: As execute, above;
Connect: Any site;
UseNet post volume: Unlimited - subject to this agreement;
E-Mail volume: Unlimited - subject to this agreement;
Simultaneous Logins: Two;
Store: 1 megabyte soft limit in home directory;
File Transfers are subject to limitations as posted from time to time in KC bbs local messages;
Connection online Time: As defined in KC bbs local messages.

SCHEDULE B: Netiquette
The greatest impact on online throughput is ftp of binaries. If several people attempt this at the same time then throughput could drop. If you want to use ftp then it is a good idea to check who else is already using it (with a w command). If there are two or more people using it then it may be better to wait until they finish. If you go ahead and use ftp then find your transfer rates are lowered then again it will make better use of your connect time to return to ftp later when it is less busy (and get 3+kb/sec throughput). Networking works when people know how to cooperate and know that cooperation is the only thing that works.
Do not attempt to import more than one or two megabytes of files at any one time. You may be able to import more than this but remember that a 90 minutes per day max connect time guideline is there for good reason. You may want to import a popular file, it is a very good idea to ask in the local message areas if anyone has already done this and of course check in the /u2/ftp/pub directories in case it has been left there for everyone's benefit. This simple action could save everyone resources! This also applies to original files that you have imported. Let everyone know what you have in case someone else wants the same file. The motto here is share and share alike. Be generous and it will always reward you in the end. Because it is cheaper to obtain files from local online sites rather than going to an International site it is worthwhile checking out the local ftp sites as someone may already have brought the file(s) you want into New Zealand. EG.,,,,
Newsreading online is discouraged except in special cases where normal use of UUCP link is inappropriate (once-only read of newsgroup). News reading from remote machines via NNTP is also strongly discouraged; we can arrange to receive newsgroups on request and avoid wasteful use of the bandwidth we all share.
Last but very important. Remember you and you only are totally responsible for what happens to your online account. Never allow someone else to access your login ID and password. It is easy to run up a massive ftp bill. SLIP/PPP is especially vulnerable to unintentional file transfers. If your password becomes insecure, change it immediately. The README files are the basic conditions of operation for a given Internet site. The Internet works so well because people put in their time and skills for the enjoyment and use of all..abide by this spirit and you will find the Internet a tremendous place to be.

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