Paul Kendall

paul gif Almost way back from when KC started in 1990, Paul Kendall was instrumental in getting much of KC working with the then Internet. Paul was the admin of, the first usenet news/email distribution host in Auckland. This system was run from Paul's employer's premises in Epsom, Auckland.
Along with Robert den Hartog, he became a regular volunteer in keeping KC operational as it evolved from an SCO Xenix based system, through ESIX, BSD386 and finally to SunOS in late 1993. Although Robert moved to Singapore in 1994 Paul has continued to 'do things' with KC.

The pic shows Paul in a normal repose with a cuppa on one of his visits to KC. Since moving to Sun equipment and SunOS there is a much more relaxed atmosphere about KC compared to the earlier years when visits tended to be major damage control exercises often leaving me (dgd) one step closer to total baldness (Just like Robert was when his job took him away)

Paul is currently employed with Orion Systems (see links) as a software developer.

Paul Kendall
Senior Software Engineer
Orion Systems Limited
Phone Auckland (09) 357 6323 (ext 3303)
Fax: Auckland (09) 357 6324
Mobile: 025 903 927

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