Lory MPG files (video and sound)

We have available several MPEG movie files of lories and lorikeets, these are in the internet minimum size video/audio standard
Video: MPEG-1, 160 X 120, 29.97fps
Audio: 44.1Khz, 16bit, Mono
These run from 45 seconds to several minutes. Additional movies will be added as these are edited and programmed.

Juvenile musk lorikeet then cinnamon scaly lorikeet having a bath
Bath 10.1MB

Scaly-breasted lorikeets, Green, Grey/Green and cinnamon mutations, and a juvenile musk lorikeet. There are two cinnamon mutations here with quite different plumage, one is much more yellow with sparse very light green patches on head and wings, the other is an overall lime green with green over most of the yellow plumage. Compare these cinnamons to the normal green and grey/green (olive) scalies.
Scaly1 5.8MB
Scaly3 9.3MB

Below are several 15 second 320 X 240 unedited MPEGs, all 1.33Mb

Kellie with a hybrid olive Scaly/Musk Hybrid
Pair of red-collars and several musks eating buscuit crumbs Red-collar
Red collar Red-collar1 Red-collar2 Red-collar4 Red-collar5 Red-collar6 Red-collar8

Scaly Lorikeets Scaly2 Scaly3 Scaly4 Cinnamon1 Cinnamon2

Musk Lorikeet Musk1 Musk2 Musk3 Musk13 Musk12

Edwards Lorikeet Edwards1 Edwards2 Edwards3

Rainbow Lorikeet Rainbow Rainbow5

3 week Rainbow Lorikeet Rainbow baby1

Olive Rainbow Lorikeet Olive

Yellow-bibbed Lory Ybib1 Ybib2 Ybib3 Ybib4 Ybib6 Ybib7

6 week yellow-bibbed Lory Ybib-baby1 Ybib-baby2

Blue-streaked Lory Blue1 Blue2 Blue3

Goldies Lorikeet Gold1 Gold2

Massenna Lorikeet Massenna1 Massenna2

Varied Lorikeet Varied1




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Tile pattern: Edwards Lorikeet.

Last modified: 7 April 2002.