Links to other Lory/Lorikeet and Bird sites

The Scaly-breasted Lorikeet Site : by Michael Baker.
The Lory and Lorikeet Picture Gallery : by David Dix and Heather Russell.
Martin's Parrots
Homepage of the NZ Parrot Society
Parrot Society of Australia.
Asiatic Parrot Association Intl.
Millenium Aviaries NZ Suppliers of kitset aviaries
Indian Ringnecks.
Living Art Sanctuary Wildlife Park. located in Tauranga, New Zealand
PBFD Beak and Feather Disease information
Winged Wisdom Pet bird magazine and Ezine the Complete Bird Community
Howard Voren's articles
Avian info center
Utopia birds
Gypsey Aviaries Excellent Lovebird information site
Lory Magic dedicated to Lories and Lorikeets
Pets resources - directory of Pets related websites.


Swedish site

World Parrot Trust





Rainbow trust

Exotic Pet Vet


Parrot Adventures

Parrot Adventures

Pets NZ


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