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Red-collared lorikeet.

Yellow-bib lories.

Musk and Scaly lorikeets.

Make a toy for your lory or other pet bird

Lories just love playing. Some easy to make toys can keep them playing for hours when they are in a cage or aviary. If your Lory does not have many toys then try making some of these:

  • A knotted rope.
    This is just a length of rope that has knots tied in it When this is hung from the top of the cage or aviary the lory can climb up and down. It will enjoy taking apart the knots, spending many hours trying to do this. It will also unpick the end of the rope and try to undo the knot at the top holding the rope to the roof. The thickness of the rope does not matter too much. Any rope or thick cord will do.

  • Simple rope swings.
    For this you will need two lengths of rope or thick cord and a short length of wood for the bottom of the swing. The wood will need to have a hole drilled in each end for the rope to pass through..
    Tie a knot in the end of thech rope piece to hold the wood. Then just knot the top ends of the ropes through the wire in the top of the aviary or cage.
    Another rope swing uses a short length of bamboo which is hollow. You just need one length of cord or rope and pass this through the bamboo so that the bamboo is in the middle of the rope. Tie up the two ends of the rope to the aviary or cage roof.




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