New Zealand BIRDZ magazine

A new bi-monthly New Zealand based bird magazine, first issue published in October 2001, now available from pet stores and suppliers in New Zealand.
One years subscription is NZ$53 (within New Zealand) for six issues.
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New Zealand BIRDZ
6 Mcglashen Street,
New Zealand
Phone/Fax +64 35287575

Cover and contents page of issue 3

Australian Birdkeeper magazine

An Australian published bi-monthly bird magazine. Many articles about lories and lorikeets.
Available from many newsagents, pet stores and suppliers in New Zealand.
One years subscription, airmail to New Zealand (six issues) is AUD68.00, rest of the World (airmail) is AUD74.00.
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Australian Birdkeeper
PO Box 6288, South Tweed Heads,
NSW 2486
Phone: Australia 07 5590 7777 Fax: Australia 07 5590 7130

Website: Birdkeeper

Cover of Vol15 Issue 1 Feb-March 2002 featuring a Rainbow lorikeet

Books about Lories and Lorikeets



Until we can get some book reviews completed and included here this link has reviews of all(?) Lory books ever published.

Lory publications list/reviews Everything ever published about Lories and Lorikeets.

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If you would like to contact The Lory-Link please send email to

Kellie Stewart (

If you are in New Zealand and would like to find out more about meetings and subscribing to the Lory-Link newsletter then you can phone Kellie on AUCKLAND (9) 827-3604 or Fax AUCKLAND (9) 358-0059 .





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