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Welcome to the lorylink website. “The Lory-Link” was created in July 2000. We consist of a group of Lory Lovers from all corners of New Zealand. The members have contributed most of the contents for this site, so the web pages are very much from their personal experiences of lorikeet keeping in New Zealand.

“The Lory-Link”is here to help people source contacts with other Lorikeet owners in New Zealand and to be able to get help or advice on problems. This is also a great way to swap ideas, locate birds and learn more about keeping lorikeets in general.

Musk Lorikeet
Rainbow Lorikeet

This is the first lorikeet based group in New Zealand we are very proud of this. Hopefully you will find most things you need to know about your lorikeets on this web-site.

“The Lory-Link” publishes a bi-monthly newsletter, full of lory articles and information. In summer we have aviary visits, social occasions and Chat Group Meetings. “The Lory-Link” is for breeders and pet owners. All ages welcome.

If you are trying to locate a lorikeet for a pet or a certain bird for breeding have a look at our breeders contact list.
We are based in New Zealand, it is possible to export birds but not to import them.

If you would like to chat with us via e-mail come and join some of the members from “The Lory Link”; Group at Yahoo. See you there!

Please also sign our guestbook - click on the guestbook bird image below - THANKS for visiting the Lorylink website

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Latest updates: Stolen birds in NEWS section (10 July 2004)
Several new links to LINKS section, New article about a bad experience buying Ringnecks (from email and link to Rare Ringnecks site), updated intro pages and added several more images and movies to PHOTOS/MOVIES sections. (12 July 2004)

If you would like to contact The Lory-Link send a message to

Kellie Stewart (arawa.aviaries@xtra.co.nz)

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