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18 February 2002
A second 512k frame relay link to Netsmart, Tauranga was ordered today. This will be provisioned by TelstraClear and provide link redundancy for Netsmart.

2 December 2001
A 10meg fibre circuit was commissioned today to Hotshotz. This replaces two 1920k Telecom frame relay connections.

30 November 2001
Theta Systems moved from a 128k DDS link to a 256k Frame relay link this week, connecting ot KC's Telecom ATM. A further FR link was connected from Theta to one of their customer sites.

24 November 2001
Auto Auctions connect via 2meg frame relay link to KC this week.

20 October 2001
Ramhb, Napier moves their internet servers to KCCS, Auckland, this week when their dial up services change to use Telecom IPnet facilities at KCCS.

21 September 2001
A new Telecom 512k FR link to Netsmart, Tauranga was commissioned today. This replaces a short range radio connection which was suffering increasing interference as Tauramnga City centre has become ever busier with microwave emmissions.

19 September 2001
A new 100Mb ethernet connection (fibre) was commissioned today to Citilink for KC's national traffic connection at APE. (Auckland Peering Exchange) This replaces the 10Mb fibre link to APE from Clear.
15 September 2001
An extra 2Mb of international traffic capacity from Clear was connected today, bringing KC's total from Clear to 4Mb international, 2Mb domestic (to Clear customers only).

20 August 2001
The small 1Mb international capacity link to Clear was increased to 2Mb today

20 July 2001
A 100mb ethernet connection was ordered today from Citilink to connect KC to the APE (Auckland Peering exchange) for National internet traffic.

15 July 2001
Two 2meg Frame Relay connections were commissioned today to Hotshotz. These connect to KC's Telecom ATM.

5 July 2001
A 10mb ethernet connection via Clear IPexpress was connected to the APE today. This is to provide national traffic access.

15 June 2001
An ethernet connection for internet services was connected to PCcom today.

18 May 2001
A new 512k frame relay connection to Kiwiplan was commissioned today. This replaced a 256k DDS link to KC and was installed as part of a move to new premises.

5 May 2001
A 10mb local traffic connection to Clear (IP Express) connection was ordered today, this should be installed in the next week or so. This will replace the current 2Mb domestic traffic connection to Clear and supplement the current 4Mb to Telecom.

1 May 2001
A 512K frame relay link upgrade from a 256k WDDS was installed today at FCS in Auckland.
An extra 1mb of international data capacity was installed from Aaria today and 1Mb of southern cross cable capacity was ordered from Clear. If this proves to be of satisfactory performance it will quickly be upgraded to 2Mb capacity.

28 April 2001
The 2meg domestic internet connection to Clear was commissioned this morning. BGP routing has already moved on average 500Kb/sec of traffic via this link (it should provide a shroter route to other Clear NZ customers).

26 April 2001
A 640K frame relay link upgrade from a 256k WDDS was installed today at NCTS in Auckland.
This is now the twentieth customer DDS connection converted to a frame relay data circuit that connects into the Telecom 155Mbit ATM at KCCS.
There are seven more such connections awaiting Telecom contractors to complete the conversions.

20 April 2001
A 1920 frame relay connection to Orion was commissioned this morning. This replaces a 256k Wideband DDS that had been in use for near three years.

14 April 2001
The Clear 155Mbit ATM was commissioned today. This is connecting to a Cisco ATM controller in KC's Cisco 7507 router. Imediately a 2meg domestic traffic connection was ordered from Clear.
Until KC's domestic trraffic connection to the APE is installed a further 2meg domestic traffic bandwidth has also been ordered from Telecom.

03 April 2001
A 512k Frame Relay data link was installed at BPC, Gisborne today. This is an upgrade from a 256k WDDS to this Gisborne ISP.

14 March 2001
Clear contractors have now completed street excavations to run a 300metre length of fibre cable from their nearest access point in Queen Street to KC is 109 Queen Street. The circuit is now expected to be commissioned early next week.
12 March 2001
From last Friday (9th) about 6pm through Saturday 1pm there was a Distributed denial of service attack on several routers connected to Telecom's Netgate for international traffic. This overloaded several router ports and slowed traffic to an almost dead halt. Fortunately KC's other international traffic link via Aaria was not effected and many connections to KC proceeded normally throughout the DDOS attack.

2 March 2001
Further delays in completing the installation of the Clear ATM circuit at KC have moved the completion date for this circuit out to mid March. Apparently a contractor is having difficulty getting permission from Auckland City council for work needed in the street.

1 March 2001
The second WCCP server was repaired today. The 550Mhz K7 cpu and mainboard were replace with a 866Mhz Pentium III and Asus mainboard. The system was restarted and appears to be working normally.

28 February 2001
More new routing equipment arrived for KC this week, including three VIP cards and eight port channelised E1 card or the Cisco 7507 router. A new rack frame has been ordered for the new 7507 which is expected in the next 10 to 15 days.

27 February 2001
The second WCCP cache system failed today with what appears to be a hardware fault as the system has shut down (powered off). This is the second time in a few days this has occured. A new Mainbord, CPU and power supply is to be installed over the next weekend and the system restarted.

26 February 2001
Two more Frame relay circuits were installed today, both connecting to ATM at KC. This now leaves just five circuits awaiting upgrade and conversion from stacked wideband DDS to Frame relay. Most of these have been scheduled by Telecom for completion mid March. (13th!).
Orders for new circuits from Clear have been delayed awaiting the complete installation of the Clear ATM circuit at KC. This is currently effecting six circuits, three to new customers and three upgrades from Telecom DDS circuits.

22 February 2001
A Cisco 7507 router chassis was ordered today to act as a backup for KC's existing Cisco 7507 router. Also ordered were three VIP2-50 controllers, an eight port channelised E1 controller (for connecting Primary Rate ISDN and stacked wideband DDS) and a spare ATM port card.

20 February 2001
Five more circuits to customer sites using stacked wideband at KC were changed this week to frame relay connections into KC Telecom ATM.
All of these changes from DDS were also speed upgrades, with most moving from 256k/384k DDS to 512k CIR frame relay. Amongst these moves were Ram Management ISP in Napier, Packing Shed ISP in Franklin, Kiwilink and Aim Direct in Auckland, all moving to 512k FR, and Bopis ISP in Tauranga moving to a 1Mb FR cirucit.

19 February 2001
Two new Squid cache servers were brought online today. These have been put together over the last week with the intention of replacing the existing squid WCCP transparent cache system that has been operating successfully for the last three months. The existing system was limited in resources as it was hosted on a PIII/400 PC system that also managed KC's limited usenet news feed and was the KC network secondary DNS server.
The two new systems each have 36Gb of disk space, 512M of memory, one is a PIII/800 and the other a K7/550. FreeBSD operating system was loaded on each and Squid cache management program installed and configured to act as a WCCP-Rev1 (Cisco's Web Cache Control Program) transparent cache. These communciate directly with KC's Cisco 7507 router.

12 February 2001
Clear have progressed with ATM installation at KC, their termination equipment and cabling through to KC's computer room was completed today.
It is now just awaiting connection in the street.

8 February 2001
Pharos upgraded from a 128k DDS connection to a 640K Frame relay that connects to KC's Telecom ATM. This was commissioned today.

4 February 2001
A new 512k frame relay connection was commissioned today to Aim Direct. This is an upgrade from an ISDN connection to KC and connects to KC's Telecom ATM.

26 January 2001
A new WaveLan connection was installed at Bopis this week with first connection to Netsmart who are upgrading from a Centrex ISDN connection.

24 January 2001
A new 512k Frame Relay DD connection was commissioned this morning to Aim Direct who have upgraded form a Centrex ISDN connection to KC. This FR connects to a vc in KC's Telecom ATM.

20 January 2001
With the planned moving of many DDS circuits away from SWDDS, two SWDDS will become redundant within a few weeks and be closed. Moves to ATM pvs will all occur early am over the next two weeks to cause minimum downtime and interruption of IP services.
Details of move times will be in Announcements.

16 January 2001
Over the Christmas/New Year holiday period the new ATM circuits were fully tested and many existing DDS connections into KC's Stacked Wideband DDS are being moved to ATM as soon as Telecom can make the arrangements. Several (5) new frame relay connections are on order from Telecom and three of these have installations before end January.
After several false starts the IPnet frame Relay link was successfully moved to an ATM pvc earlier in January.

12 January 2001
As circuits have been moved from Titirangi to 109 Queen Street there have been some router changes. The Cisco 7505 at Titirangi has now been replaced by a Cisco 4700M+ router, the 7505 has been relocated to Queen Street where it replaces another 4700 router, providing six ethernet connections to other networks and Primary Rate ISDN interfaces for Centrex ISDn circuits.

13 December 2000
The newly installed ATM circuit from Telecom was commissioned today and with several circuits moved from DDS and frame-relay connections to the ATM. KC's domestic and international traffic connections to Telecom's Global Gateway are now delivered via ATM.
Over the next few days up until Christmas several data circuits to various customer sites, frame relays to Aaria and Telecom IPnet will also be moved to the ATM.
In January two stacked wideband DDS to KC will close as the current DDS circuits on them will upgrade (many from 128k and 256k DDS) to faster 512k, 1024k and 2meg DDS connecting into the ATM

28 November 2000
The Cisco 7505 router was installed today at KC in Titirangi. This has immediately replaced 4700 and 1603 routers. It is connecting several DDS, Frame Relay and Megalink circuits still terminating at Titirangi until they are eventually moved to ATM circuits at 109 Queen Street. Circuit changes were effected between midnight and 1am with under 5 minutes downtime for each circuit.

20 November 2000
A new Cisco 7505 router was ordered today for KC, arriving 28 November.
This router will be located at Titirangi and replace two Cisco 4700 and a 1603 router currently in use. This will allow the 4700 routers to be relocated to other KC nodes in NZ.

18 November 2000
A new 2meg DDS connection was installed to ATL today, this will be commissioned about 30 November when routing equipment becomes available at the ATL site.

4 November 2000
A new DDS connection was made to ISP NZNet today, this is a 2meg circuit with a 512k CIR.

3 November 2000
A new 512k DDS was commissioned today to Newmedia in Tauranga, this replaces a centrex ISDN connection to Bopis in Tauranga.

9 October 2000
Two new 2meg DDS was ordered today for new customer connections to KCCS, one is an upgrade from an ISND dialup connection and the other an upgrade from a 256k DDS link.
An 34Mbit ATM circuit for KCCS's new offices at 109 Queen Street was ordered from Clear this morning. Installation is expected in December. This ATM will be used for connections from KCCS to various customer sites that require data circuits from Clear.

7 October 2000
This morning Planet ISP was moved from Titirangi to 109 Queen Street. A phased changeover of Planet's four PRI using a spare Cisco 5200 modem server allowed an almost no-loss-of-service changeover.
There are now ten active PRI at 109 Queen Street, this accounts for all of PlaNet ISP and KCCS's Centrex and modem dial-up circuits.

5 October 2000
KC's two Centrex PRI were relocated today to 109 Queen Street. This allowed a faulty dial-up PRI at Titirangi to be disconnected rather than be repaired.
These connect to a Cisco 3640 router which will also be connecting several stacked wideband circuits which move from Titirangi in the next 10 to 14 days.
The PRI for Citinet have also been relocated this last week.

2 October 2000
KC's two dial up PRI were moved to Queen Street this morning.
Several upgrades to customer DDS circuits to KC were ordered from Telecom this morning. These are generally 256k to 512 upgrades in line with Telecom's new single price band for DDS in this medium range.
A new customer 512k DDS to Tauranga was also ordered today.

30 September 2000
Over this weekend all of the Telehoused servers for Planet and KC that were located at Citinet Cybercafe and servers at Titirangi were relocated to 109 Queen Street. Maximum outage for most servers was no more than 60 minutes.

20 September 2000
A new Telecom 2meg DDS was installed today between KC at Titirangi and the new offices in 109 Queen Street. This link will allow Planet ISP and KC's dial up servers to be relocated to Queen Street.

5 September 2000
Transdata upgraded from a 64k DDS to a 128k DDS today.

20 August 2000
A 155Mbit ATM circuit was ordered from Telecom today for installations at KC's new offices in lvl7, 109 Queen Street, Auckland. this ATM will provide connections for KC to Telecom Netgate for internet connectivity, delivery of IPnet and ADSL services, and connection to DDS currently terminating at KCCS is stacked wideband circuits (channelised E1 connections).
This ATM is expected in early to mid October.

9 August 2000
The Telecom IPNet connection to KC was completed today. IPNet services for various sites connected to KC will be available within the next few days. This will allow 0873 access to these systems (including KC) from anywhere in New Zealand using a local call (no toll fees). (contact dgd@kcbbs.gen.nz for further info or enquiries about this service)

8 August 2000
A 2meg DDS circuit to Netbyte was completed today, this replaces a 256k WDDS connection.

2 August 2000
Two existing isdn connections to KC were replaced with 128k DDS this morning These are the ninth and tenth ISDNs to convert to DDS over the last 6 weeks.

24 June 2000
A short outage this morning as KC's Cisco 7507 router was reloaded with a new operating system (IOS 12.1.2T).

16 June 2000
A Telecom IPnet link to KC was ordered today by PlaNet ISP, this will be delivered via a 2meg Frame Relay link to KC's 7507 router. Initially this will have thirty nationwide IPnet dial up lines although this is expected to increase over the rest of this year.

15 June 2000
Two new 256k DDS were ordered today from Telecom, both are upgrades for existing customers, one changing from 128k DDS and the other from a Centrex ISDN.

14 June 2000
A new 2meg DDS circuit was commissioned this morning. This connects KC to Aaria Starnet located at TVNZ in Auckland.

7 June 2000
More Cisco router equipment - A multiport serial controller FSIP8 with additional G703 dual port controllers has been obtained for the Cisco 7507 router. These eight ports will be used fairly quickly for new services connecting to KC in the next three months. Along with existing four port serial and four port G703 controllers in the Cisco this FSIP8 will allow futher high speed links to customer sites to be installed and provide connections to international bandwidth providers.

16 May 2000
Further equipment additions to KC include yet more ethernet controllers for the 7507 router. These extra routed ethernet ports are to allow connections to PC/Linux systems used for radio connections.

14 May 2000
NCTC connected to KC today using a 256k MDDS, this is the third new DDS circuit since early April, all connect into stacked wideband circuits at KC. This latest addition now means that there are almost no free timeslots left on any of KC's four stacked wideband DDS.

1 May 2000
During April several long term connections to KC have changed. Hamilton Planet have moved to a direct 512k link to Netgate for internet services, they had upgraded from a 256k link to 384k to KC laste last year but needed additional bandwidth and services. Two slower 64k DDS disconnected and moved to Walker Wireless connections and three ISDN have moved to ADSL or Wireless. New connections have been two Centrex ISDN and two DDS.

22 April 2000
A long awaited upgrade in DDS speed to Packing Shed ISP was completed today. The existing 256K DDS was upgraded to 384K.

18 April 2000
All of the telehoused systems at KC have now been relocated to the Citinet Cybercafe in Queen Street, Auckland. This move allows easier access to systems by their owners and a new secure computer room has been created for up to thirty computers.

1 April 2000
A six port ethernet controller was installed in KC's Cisco 7507 router today. This will allow routed ethernet connections to the PlaNet network (currently housed at a KC loation) and to several WaveLan radio connections directly from the 7507 router.

15 March 2000
An upgrade to KC's local ethernet switching equipment was completed today with the replacement of the Cisco Catalyst 5000 switch by a new Cisco Catalyst 5505 switch. The new switch provides additional support for a layer three switch controller which is due to be installed in June this year.

14 March 2000
In an agreement with Telecom, where schools connecting via non-Centrex ISDN to an ISP, and hence paying from 2c to 5c per minute per channel connected, these call charges are now not charged when the schools connects to an ISP using the 0867 dialup network.
To facilitate this service KC has had an 0867 number (0867 03000) allocated to one of its Centrex Primary Rate ISDN to allow connections from schools.
Over ten schools that connect to KC via non-Centrex ISDN have been informed of this new service and several have already changed to dial the new 0867 number.
This change will allow some very significant savings for schools when connecting to the internet.

12 March 2000
A new ISP business at Citinet Cybercafe in central Auckland (lower Queen Street) has connected to KC via a Telecom Megalink service (2Meg DDS).
The cybercafe originally connected to KC using Centrex Basic Rate ISDN, this has been retained as a backup link in case of DDS outages. Citinet uses a Cisco 4700 series router to connect to KC.
see www.citinet.co.nz for ISP details.

KC has also reached an agreement with Citinet for the housing of telehoused servers on the KC network. This central city location is more convenient for owners of telehoused systems to access their servers. A secure computer room with air conditioning, power conditioning and strict access control has been created to house over fifty servers.

4 March 2000
The modem server at KC was changed from a Cisco 5200 series to a Cisco 3640 series router today. This has caused several problems with uucp connections to KC which are being worked through over the next few days. This upgrade was necessary to allow a later (more featured) version of Cisco's operating system to manage dial up PPP connections to KC.

1 March 2000
The Auckland PlaNet computers and modem servers were relocated today to KC where they are directly connected to the KC network. This equipment was moved from Glen Eden to KC and had been planned for several months with new PRI being installed by Telecom in time for the scheduled move.
In total most of the PlaNet network was unavailable for about four hours today.
KC has not taken over PlaNet but for the immediate future an agreement has been made with PlaNet for housing its ISP equipment.

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