David Dix

dgd gif KCCS system administrator and chief bottle washer.

Email: dgd@kcbbs.gen.nz
Phone: +64 9 817 8424
Cellphone: 021 663078
Fax: 817 5467

The most up to date human looking pic I have. Taken in 1989 at Christchurch where I have just removed several flecks of peeling paint from the NASA Knupier Aiborne Observatory - A USAF Starlifter modified airplane. This was late 1989 and the visit was part of an NZ Astronomy conference held at Canterbury University, Christchurch.

Interest and hobbies:
Astronomy, Wine making, Pinball, Electronics, Home theatre (Laser disc and DVD) Photography, Home Power, the British Rail Steam era, Lories and Lorikeets (small parrot birds) and Unix Computers.

Non-Interests: Anything to do with DOS, IBM, OS/2, Microsoft, PC and Mac Computers, Dogs, Smoking, and rap music.

Six cats: Squeekie(14), Suzie(10), Judy(4), Rex (3), Claws-2 (2) and Boris (1) Lorikeets: Freddie, Olive, Sweetie, Titch

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