Centrex ISDN

Telecom New Zealand announced in 1996 a new feature of Centrex ISDN that allows several ISDN connections from different companies to be included in one Basic Business Group (BBG).
The ISDN connections must be within the same Telecom exchange and in Auckland this currently means the City Centre area covered by the two main city exchanges.
The advantage of belonging to the same BBG is that there is no ISDN per-minute charge for connections between ISDN circuits in the same BBG.
Billing for each ISDN circuit is still separate. Each ISDN site pays it's own monthly ISDN rental charges.

KCCS has three Primary Rate ISDN connected into the Mayoral Drive exchange in Auckland City Centre, two PRI connected to the Ellerslie exchange and one PRI connected to the Glen Eden exchange.
This means that companies wishing to connect to KCCS can now install a Basic Rate ISDN and maintain a permanent ISDN connection through to KCCS via a channel in one KCCS' Primary rate ISDN.
The monthly rental to Telecom for this service is $99 in the CDB of Auckland, $120 in greater Auckland and $150 elsewhere.
There is a Centrex fee in addition to these costs of approximately $27 per month.
(Contact your Telecom account manager for exact pricing or phone the Telecom Business Centre)
Compared to a monthly rental of $550 for a 48Kbit MDDS link this new ISDN option is very cost effective saving over $400 per month for city centre users with a full time connection to the Internet via KCCS.

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